Banksy – GDP Flower Thrower (Grey) (Signed)

Medium: Screen print on 1500 micron board

Edition: 300

Size: Left piece 55 x 75cm | Centre piece 61 x 92cm | Right piece 47 x 37cm

Description: Signed & numbered by The Artist. Framed to exact same artist’s spec as displayed at Banksy’s Gross Domestic Product show in Croydon in 2019.

Year: 2019

Price Range: £100,000+

Sold Out


Banksy’s ‘Love is in the Air,’ also known as ‘Flower Thrower,’ is a striking mural he painted directly onto the 760km West Bank Wall separating Israel from Palestine in 2003. In Banksy’s own words, the wall “essentially turns Palestine into the world’s largest open prison.”

The mural depicts a militant figure wearing a baseball cap and a bandana, holding a bouquet of flowers instead of a weapon, symbolising the need for peace and love rather than violence.

Banksy’s commitment to social justice in the region is evident in his work, as he returned to the area in 2005 to paint nine more murals advocating for freedom and equality for Palestinians. In 2014, he visited the Gaza Strip to draw attention to the people’s plight. Banksy’s contribution to the region’s art scene is not limited to his murals, as he opened the Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem in 2017, which displays a triptych of his famous ‘Love is in the Air / Flower Thrower,’ decorated with real dried flowers.

GDP Flower Thrower (Grey) (Signed) is a 300 edition Screen print on 1500 micron board and was first revealed at Banksy’s shop “Gross Domestic Product”. The triptych piece is framed to the same artist’s spec displayed at Banksy’s “Gross Domestic Product” show in Croydon in 2019.