Banksy – Walled Off Hotel Wall Section “Love” (2017)


Medium: Painted concrete cast resin sculpture

Edition: Limited, exact number unknown (no longer available)

Size: approx. 8,3 x 7,7 x 3 cm / 3 1/4 x 3 x 1 1/8 In

Description: Uniquely numbered, unsigned. Original invoice included from The Walled Off Hotel (Palestine).

Year: 2017

Only 1 left in stock


A collection of miniature sculptures was created by Banksy and made exclusively available for purchase at the hotel. These sculptures were crafted to resemble the wall, adorned with graffiti, and some even featured a Banksy figure in the midst of spray painting. The result was a unique set of souvenirs that captured the essence of the West Bank barrier.

When they were first introduced in 2017, the sculptures depicted the barrier wall with graffiti on individual sections. The graffiti included messages of “Love” and “Hope” as well as a tribute to peace advocate “Brian“, which was painted by local artists based on Banksy’s original designs. These sections were sold separately or taped together to represent a wider view of the wall.

Over time, as the sculptures evolved, they underwent certain changes in their structure and designs. For instance, an Israeli watchtower was added, and the wall was depicted as being defeated.

This sculpture is of the original sculptures that came to sale at the Walled Off Hotel in late 2017.