Dran – Ville Propre


Medium: Offset Lithograph

Edition: 250

Size: 60 x 85 cm | 23 3/5 × 33 1/2 in

Description: Plate-signed

Year: 2011

Condition: Very good

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In Dran’s artwork “Ville Propre / Clean City,” a powerful and thought-provoking scene comes to life amidst a backdrop of a graffiti-covered wall. The image of a homeless man seated in a hunched position evokes a strong sense of empathy and contemplation in the viewer.

Additionally, the portrayal of a council member whitewashing the graffiti on the wall, with similar treatment being administered to the homeless man, presents a poignant commentary on society’s tendency to overlook and conceal the issue of homelessness.

This piece raises compelling questions about societal perspectives and the endeavour to conceal societal challenges to produce a ‘Clean City’.