Dran – House of Cards


Medium: 4 colour screen print on 300gsm Somerset paper

Edition: 125

Size: 27,5 x 37,5 cm | 10,82 x 14,76 in

Description: Signed by The Artist

Year: 2015

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Dran’s artwork, “House of Hearts,” beautifully captures the essence of new beginnings and the power of love. The piece depicts a newly married couple on the verge of entering their new home, which is constructed entirely out of a deck of cards with the heart suit taking centre stage.

The hearts scattered throughout the house symbolise the love and commitment that the couple share, which they hope will provide a solid foundation for their marriage. However, the fragility of the house of cards and its susceptibility to collapse also represent the challenges and obstacles that the couple may face in their new life together.

“House of Hearts” celebrates the power of love and the magic of new beginnings while acknowledging the fragility and challenges that may come with marriage.