Street Artist AKUT for ‘Out in the Open’ 10-year Anniversary, Aalborg 2023

The city of Aalborg, in Denmark, has become an open-air art gallery thanks to the long-running ‘Out in the Open ’ mural project, curated by Kirk gallery. This year, they are celebrating its 10th anniversary!

Murals from Wes21 & Onur, Guido Van Helten, Conor Harrington, Faith 47, Sepe & Tone, Bezt, Herakut, David Walker, Seth, Vhils, Telmo Miel, Oliver Vernon, Fintan Magee, Joram Roukes and Nils Westergard are just a few of the exceptional artists that have contributed to Aalborg’s open-air Museum over the decade and this year nine new murals will be added.

The first mural introduced this year to ‘Out in the Open’ 2023 was by Argentine Martin Ron and his Australian assistant Matt Gorick with ‘Olivia and her Heart of Gold’ to life. At the same time, artist Cristian Blanzer began painting his mural ‘Contraluz’ on the Rooftop of Friis Shopping Centre in Aalborg. French artist Hopare finished his mural ‘Trine’ in downtown Aalborg. Then we saw Curtis Hylton’s mural titled ‘Nightingale and the Rose’, inspired by the romantic fairy tale by Oscar Wilde (1854-1900).

After the summer break, AKUT packs a punch with his mural ‘Fallen King’. World-renowned, among others, as part of the duo HERAKUT, AKUT has been a main figure on the international scene of Urban Art within the last ten years. Visually, AKUT´s works combine the photorealistic with a touch of graffiti, thereby giving street art a new voice in the established art world.

AKUT ‘Fallen King’

” ‘Fallen King’ is the title of the small mural I painted in addition to my current solo exhibition at the gallery’s backyard in Aalborg, Denmark. The boy is a fragile, tiny person with an eager, bright mind and giant ambitions. Emulating his role mode

ls, he wants to copy their superpower. Unfortunately, it is way too heavy for him to make proper use out of it. Thus, the self-crowned king has to either be patient and give himself more time to grow, or he should hook up with the gang of kids in his environment. For the latter, he would be a promising addition because the KIDS ARE(N’T) ALL RIGHT and could use any help.”




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