Street Artist Cristian Blanzer for ‘Out in the Open’ 10-year Anniversary, Aalborg 2023

The city of Aalborg, in Denmark, has become an open-air art gallery thanks to the long-running ‘Out in the Open’ mural project, curated by Kirk Gallery. This year they are celebrating its 10-year anniversary!

Murals from Wes21 & Onur, Guido Van Helten, Conor Harrington, Faith 47, Sepe & Tone, Bezt, Herakut, David Walker, Seth, Vhils, Telmo Miel, Oliver Vernon, Fintan Magee, Joram Roukes and Nils Westergard are just a few of the artists that have contributed to Aalborg’s open-air Museum over the decade and this year expect to see nine new murals!

The first mural to be introduced this year to ‘Out in the Open’ was by Argentine Martin Ron and his Australian assistant Matt Gorick with ‘Olivia and her Heart of Gold’ to life. Read more here.

At the same time, artist Cristian Blanzer began painting his mural ‘Contraluz’ on the Rooftop of Friis Shopping Centre in Aalborg.

Most of his works depict human actions, from ordinary to more surreal situations, where he keeps the expression as impartial as possible and lets the emotions arise freely.

Cristian is inspired by old films and the art of the covers of different records to mix a person with an architectural city view, with this juxtaposed image Cristian feels it conveys something that becomes alive. For him, this combination of images becomes a meditative process allowing a seamless transition from one image to another.

“When I travel and explore different cities, sometimes the people mimic the architecture of the city. Somehow, the people are mirrored by their environment, or perhaps their environment is mirrored by them. There’s also some joy to be found in placing people somewhere they’ve never been, but where they fit perfectly”.

Cristian Blanxer

Check out his images below …

Photo Credit Lene Kirk



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