Urban Forms, Permanent Street Art Gallery, Lodz, Poland

Urban Forms Foundation was created in 2009 to bring culture to the city of Lodz, Poland. Urban forms organise, promote and support independent artistic initiatives in public spaces. With the aim to change the dull city landscape of Lodz by raising its quality and aesthetics.

The fundamental mission is to saturate the cityscape with creative, multilayered and modern art that will improve the current image of Lodz, giving it a truly artistic and original value, utilising street art murals to achieve this. This is a fantastic well curated, city approved project and is transforming the city centre into a centre for arts and culture.

Artists who have been invited to Lodz over the years include; Os gemeos, Bordalo II, Kobra, Inti, Roa, Etam Crew, Sat One, Os Gemeos, Guildo Van Helton, Sainer and the list keeps going…