STIK’s Digital Artwork at Piccadilly Lights Supports Young People to Stay Connected during COVID-19, London 2020

STIK has unveiled a new digital installation entitled ‘We Are Together’ in central London. The digital artwork is being played on London’s iconic 783 square metre Piccadilly Lights, the largest screen in Europe, as part of Young Westminster Foundation’s (YWF)’s new flagship campaign to support young people to stay connected during the coronavirus lockdown.

STIK’s figures portray young people living in the heart of London holding hands as a symbol of hope and solidarity both locally and internationally during the COVID-19 Lockdown, with the central message ‘We Are Together’.

The special artwork was created by STIK for Young Westminster Foundation as the flagship campaign to raise core funding for their crucial work with young people in the local community. The ‘We Are Together’ campaign hopes to raise much-needed funds to help young people get online, stay connected and access support during the coronavirus crisis.

1 in 3 young people of the Westminster borough, where 1 in 3 are growing up in poverty and thousands of young people has no internet access: missing out on education, youth services and staying in touch with family and friends.  YWF

“It’s brilliant to see London’s iconic Piccadilly Lights acting as a local noticeboard during this crisis, right in the heart of Westminster. We hope this campaign reassures young people that support is available from local youth workers and youth organisations.  As a small charity based just around the corner from the Piccadilly Lights, we are grateful to all who have helped make this happen, including STIK, Ocean Outdoor Posterscope, Liveposter and Total Media.  I would also like to extend a huge thank you to all youth workers working tirelessly to support and inspire young people in Westminster and across the UK” Philip Barron, CEO of YWF

The artwork runs until the end of the month at Picadilly, Central London at 20 minutes past each hour.

The Piccadilly Lights is owned by Landsec and operated by Ocean Outdoor who donated the space to the charity.  The campaign was planned and executed by out of home specialist Posterscope and Liveposter.

Your donations will help end digital exclusion and fund youth services in Westminster. Ensuring young people have access to someone to turn to and safe spaces to go. Donate HERE to the ‘We Are Together’ Campaign.

Support for young people in Westminster is available from local youth organisations. Visit HELP to access and find out more.



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