Banksy – GDP Welcome Mat


Medium: Hand-stitched life vest fabric on fiber doormat

Edition: Exact edition size unknown

Size: Approx. 62,5 x 45cm

Numbered with Gross Domestic Product Tag attached. Brand new in original box.

Year: 2020

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Banksy opened a homewares store called “Gross Domestic Product ™” in Croydon, London (2019), featuring a unique selection of items designed by Banksy. The store offered homewares and lifestyle products, including mugs, doormats, and rugs, all with Banksy’s signature style.

The intricately crafted Banksy GDP ‘Welcome Mat’ is crafted by hand using the material from life vests abandoned on the shores of the Mediterranean. It’s important to note that these vests were never reliable buoyancy aids in the first place, as they were often cheap imitations sold by smugglers who did not actually float. Banksy collaborated with ‘Love Welcomes‘, an organisation dedicated to helping women in detainment camps in Greece, to produce these mats.

The proceeds from the sales were used to support refugees in accessing essential services in the local community.

Banksy, Choose Love Welcome Mat, Gross domestic product Store, Croydon. Image © Banksy

Life vest not included. Features GDP label