Blek Le Rat – David with Kalashnikov


Medium: Screen print on paper

Edition: 200

Size: approx. 52  x 71 cm | 20.5 x 28 in.

Description: Signed and numbered in pencil. Supplied with Certificate of Authenticity from Publisher

Year: 2007

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Blek le Rat’s “David Kalashnikov” artwork is a thought-provoking artwork that challenges the traditional depiction of the famous tale of David and Goliath. The artwork portrays David with a Kalashnikov Rifle instead of a sling and a stone, bringing the story into a contemporary context. The sculpture stands tall and proud, with David’s muscular body and confident stance embodying strength and bravery. The use of the rifle in the artwork adds a layer of complexity and invites viewers to question the idea of heroism and the use of violence in modern times. The sculpture in the artwork is a modern take on Michelangelo’s David, paying homage to the historical significance of the original masterpiece while also pushing the boundaries of what is expected from traditional art.