D*Face – No More Heroes (Yellow) Print PP1


Medium: 9 colour screen print Printed on 300 gsm high-quality cotton art paper

Edition: Rare Printers Proof #1 (PP1)

Size: 95 x 58 cm | 37.4 x 22.8 in

Description: Signed and marked “PP1” by The Artist. Includes Publisher’s Certificate of Authenticity.

Year: 2010

Condition: Excellent

Sold Out


D*Face’s “No More Heroes” is an exceptional piece of contemporary pop art that presents the iconic character of Superman in a vibrant and captivating manner. The painting is a testament to the artist’s unique vision and skill, evident in the creative use of yellow dots in the background, reminiscent of the Lichtenstein style. The intricate representation of Superman’s outfit being ripped apart to reveal his inner bones is a powerful symbol of his strength and vulnerability as a hero.

The painting depicts Superman as a beacon of hope and inspiration who, despite facing numerous obstacles, perseveres and triumphs. The bold and dynamic composition, together with the vivid colours, creates a striking visual impact that leaves an uplifting impression on the viewer.

It is worth noting that “No More Heroes” is D*Face’s final piece dedicated to superheroes, making it a rare and valuable creation among his other works. The painting marks a significant milestone in D*face’s career, showcasing the end of the era of superheroes and the emergence of new artistic directions.