Dran – Learning to Fly (Colour Special Edition)


Medium: Screen print and hand painting on archival aged french news print in vintage / antique gold-ornate frame

Edition: 25 (Friends and Family)

Size: 41 x 34 cm | 16 1/10 × 13 2/5 in

Description: Signed by The Artist

Year: 2010

Condition: As issued, aged newspaper condition is fully intended by artist and part of the artwork

Sold Out


Dran’s screen print titled “Learning to Fly” is a beautiful artwork exploring the relationship between humans and nature. The special coloured print depicts the bird in a larger size, underscoring the grandeur and magnificence of nature, while the child is relatively subdued, with the hood obscuring the face. The child’s outstretched hand serves as a focal point and represents the desire for knowledge and personal growth, while the bird symbolises the guidance and wisdom that nature can offer.

The print is executed on archival-aged French newsprint, which adds a vintage and timeless quality to the artwork. It encourages us to appreciate the enduring value of knowledge and learning, reminding us that the quest for understanding is a lifelong process and the role that nature can play in our growth and development.

“Learning to Fly” is a beautiful piece by Dran that speaks to the importance of learning and developing a deep-seated connection with the natural world.