Felipe Pantone – Integration System P #01 “FP337YYY”


Medium: UV Paint printed on 285gsm Fabriano Rosaspina Paper

Edition: 300, each one is unique

Size: 63 x 63 cm | 24.8 x 24.8 in

Description: Signed & numbered by The Artist on verso. Certificate of Authenticity included.

Year: 2020

Condition: Excellent, as released.

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Felipe Pantone’s INTEGRATION SYSTEM P#01 limited edition through Configurable Art offers a truly exceptional piece of art in the form of a unique print that is visually stunning and highly personalised. With over 5,642 exclusive colour combinations, this print was designed with the user experience in mind, providing a unique and distinctive piece that is unmatched in its originality.

“Integration System P#01 combines user intervention with the main characteristics of my Integration System series.

The creation of a composition through the subtractive colour model, the integration of the piece on a white background, and the texture that allows me to differentiate shapes despite having similar colour hues.

For the first time on this series, I’m inviting the public to collaborate with me and to finalize the work through the web app that allows 5642 different configurations.” Felipe Pantone

The uniqueness of the print is further accentuated by the fact that only 300 copies were made available. The whole experience of creating and buying the print was, therefore, time-pressured, adding to the process’s thrill and anticipation.

Collectors were invited to the site ColorCoordinates™ CONFIGURATOR to create their print. The print’s pixelated design is particularly noteworthy; you could choose small or large pixels, contributing significantly to its character. This print has large pixels.

* ColorCoordinates™ is a unique number that enables the CMY colour position on an Integration System artwork created by Felipe Pantone and yourself. *Integration System P#01′ blends 5642 possible combinations linked to a singular code.

Felipe Pantone’s INTEGRATION SYSTEM P#01 collection is an exceptional body of art that is visually stunning and highly personalised, making it a rare and valuable addition to any art collection.

Felipe Pantone INTEGRATION SYSTEM P01 Print Edition

Felipe Pantone INTEGRATION SYSTEM P01 Print Edition