Hua Tunan - Fearless Print

Hua Tunan – Fearless 无所畏惧 Print


Medium: 6 layer screen print on hand torn 400gsm Somerset Tub paper, hand embellished with gold paint.

Edition: 35

Size: approx. 70 x 82cm

Description: Signed, numbered by the Artist. Certificate of Authenticity included.

Year: 2018


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Hua Tunan’s inspirational print “FEARLESS / 无所畏惧” encourages YOU to find your true passion in life to believe in yourself and your abilities.

The powerful Lion represents Strength, Determination and Courage, whilst the multiple red screen-printed layers symbolise different meanings. In Western culture red symbolises Excitement, Energy, Passion, Action, and Love… the passion that fuels your heart. This fused with the fire tones of red in Chinese culture, represent Luck, Happiness and Joy.

To be FEARLESS, and to follow your dreams brings its rewards, Hua symbolises this by covering the Lion with the good fortune of gold.

Be FEARLESS! Follow your Passion! Feel it, Breath it, Live it!

Hua Tunan is a Chinese artist known for his dynamic and energetic paintings that capture the essence of nature, often referred to as “The Bruce Lee of Street Art” for his intense and precise painting style.

He draws inspiration from the world around him and infuses his work with a sense of movement and energy, resulting in a fusion of traditional Chinese ink painting and contemporary street art.

Hua Tunan depictions of animals are powerful and graceful, capturing the essence of each animal with precision and detail. Hua’s unique blend of techniques and styles continues to push the boundaries of urban art, making him one of the most exciting and innovative artists working today.