Invader – Rubik Camouflage


Medium: Diasec-mounted Giclée on aluminium composite panel

Edition: 812

Size: 100 x 100 cm | 39.4 x 39.4 in.

Weight: approx. 13,5kg

Description: Hand signed and numbered by Invader on the label attached to the reverse

Year: 2023

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Invader’s Rubik’s Camouflage print is a remarkable representation of the artist’s career as an urban disruptor. For years, he has taken over cities worldwide with his pixelated mosaics, often drawing inspiration from the iconic video games of the 8-bit era. Rubik Camouflage features a white Space Invader against a colourful backdrop of blue, red, yellow, and orange, arranged in a military camouflage style.

Invader has stated, “This piece speaks about the invasion of new technologies in our lives.”

This Diasec-mounted Giclée print on an aluminium composite panel measures 100 x 100 cm and was produced in collaboration with HENI Editions. It is a derivative of RLRi, a sculpture created in 2010.

Invader’s ‘Rubikcubist’ artworks, including this one, are entirely made up of Rubik’s Cubes, with the blocks arranged and stacked in a specific order to create the image to emerge.

In this print, the gallery space or the collector’s home becomes part of that complex artistic and spatial system. Each edition of Rubik’s Camouflage has the potential to become a point of access into Invader’s subversive yet poetic world.