Paul Insect – Clockwork America Printers Proof


Medium: 7 colour screen print with hand-painted emulsion background on Archess 88 paper

Edition: Printers Proof PP to the Main edition of 60

Size: 43.4 x 58.9 cm | 17 1/10  x 23 1/5 in

Description: Signed by the Artist. Marked PP (Printers Proof).

Year: 2012

Sold Out


British artist Paul Insect presents a contemporary depiction of ‘Clockwork Orange’ through the lens of Anthony Burgess’s renowned novel from 1962. The story portrays a dystopian England, narrated from the perspective of a young offender with a history of criminal behaviour. The protagonist undergoes a psychological rehabilitation program sponsored by the state to address his deviant actions.

Insect’s artistic style resonates with the story of “Clockwork Orange” and the gritty work of graffiti artists. The use of Adidas sportswear in the artwork adds a contemporary touch to the timeless story, and the bandana and backwards worn cap adds a touch of urbanity to the piece.

Insect’s fascination with urban culture and the city’s decay is reflected in his work, which often features bold, graphic imagery and a sense of urban grittiness. The Clockwork Orange piece is no different, with its striking use of bright colours and bold lines. The protagonist’s eye is vividly portrayed, drawing the viewer into his world and allowing them to see things from his perspective.

The artwork is available in multiple colourways. There is a UK and America (USA) version. The UK version of the print features a British flag worn as a bandana; the America (USA) version features the American flag worn as a bandana.

In both versions, the protagonist’s eye is the only part of his face that is revealed, adding a layer of mystery and intrigue to the artwork. The eye is depicted in thick black strokes, drawing the viewer’s attention and allowing them to experience the dystopian world of the protagonist.