Pichiavo – Mercurio


Medium: Spray paint & oil paint on wood

Edition: Original 1/1

Size: 40 x 40cm

Description: Signed by Pichiavo

Year: 2015

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Transport yourself back to 2015, the London art scene was buzzing with anticipation for the highly-anticipated group exhibition, aptly titled ‘Underground’ at The Arches in Shoreditch. Where Pichiavo, the celebrated artist duo, presented their captivating collection for Graffiti Street.

Their exploration of metallic colours was the highlight of the showcase, featuring a modern take on the Greek God, Mercury. Pichiavo’s unique and innovative fusion of traditional art and graffiti styles was on full display, with subtle details in silver and gold tones.

The contemporary interpretation of the Greek God showcased Pichiavo’s ability to blend different styles and techniques seamlessly to create a harmonious and balanced composition.

Pichiavo’s striking combination of traditional artistic elements and modern urban imagery creates a truly unique and captivating artistic expression that has garnered them immense acclaim and appreciation from art enthusiasts worldwide. It is this singular style that has propelled Pichiavo to a position of prominence within the global art community, earning them widespread recognition and admiration.

Graffiti Street is currently offering Pichiavo’s iconic masterpiece, Mercurio, for resale on consignment.