Space Invader - L.E.D. Print

Invader – L.E.D. Print

Medium: screen print on colour 300gsm Somerset paper

Edition: 100

Size: 70 x 50cm

Description: Signed and numbered by the artist.

Year: 2017

Condition: Excellent

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The ‘LED’ artwork seamlessly blends vintage and contemporary styles. The moon’s mountainous terrain is adorned with stars, creating a peaceful atmosphere further enhanced by the multicoloured dots in the night sky. Against the black background, the bright pink Space Invader character stands out, making it the piece’s focal point.

The artwork’s overall appearance resembles an LED screen, which gives it a unique touch. It’s a perfect combination of nostalgia and modern art, which truly reflects Invader’s love for arcade culture during the 80s. Invader’s “Moon” was displayed on an LED screen in June 2019 as part of Brooklyn’s ‘BEYOND the STREETS’ exhibition, the largest exhibition showcasing the most influential creators and living legends of the street art movement in the city. The artwork was captivating, with twinkling stars and vibrant dots that made up the night sky, but the striking pink Space Invader character was the show’s real star.

Will Invader’s art go to the Moon? Watch this Space!

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, a fan of Invader’s work, emailed the artist and offered to take one of his pieces to the moon in 2023. During his six-month stay at the International Space Station ISS, Pesquet published photos of Invader’s space mosaic KLN_27. Mr. Pesquet explained, “Somehow, it made sense that his little aliens be up there in space, looking down at us.” Invader’s art has significantly impacted the world and beyond, connecting people from diverse backgrounds.