Aachoo!! Banksy’s new sneezing woman appears in Bristol, 2020

A new piece of street art by elusive graffiti artist Banksy has appeared on a house in Bristol.

The new mural by Banksy entitled “Aachoo!!” has been stencilled onto the side of a house in Vale Street, in the city’s aptly named Totterdown suburb. The street is one of the steepest streets in the country with a 22-degree gradient slope, famous locally for its easter Sunday rolling contest!!

The artwork depicts an elderly woman in a headscarf sneezing with such force that her dentures fly into the air and she drops her walking cane and handbag.

The photograph Banksy released on his Instagram cleverly looks as though the sneeze topples the houses and an unidentified man with an umbrella over!

The new stencil comes at a time when the UK has approved vaccine Pfizer to start the mass coronavirus immunisation programme, with Margaret Keenan, 90, being the first in the world to officially receive the vaccine.

Photo Credit Banksy



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