Adam’s heart by Piotr Chrzanowski, Urban Forms, Lodz Poland 2016

Piotr Chrzanowski (aka Chrzan), and his crew teamed up with the Urban Forms Foundation team and painted a huge new site-specific mural titled “Adam’s Heart” in the city of Lodz, Poland. Urban Forms Foundation was created in 2009 to bring culture to the city of Lodz by supporting independent artistic initiatives and transforming the city centre into a centre for arts and culture.

Their latest project ‘Adams heart’ refers to Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam”. Due to the fact that the wall belongs to the facilities of the Medical University the artist decided to link his mural design with medicine.

“The idea came suddenly…I was going through some classical pictures and came across ‘The Creation of Adam’. I thought it might be a good reference, a good starting point both at the level of meaning and composition. I wanted to distract attention from the biblical aspect, which is actually the least important here, so I inserted the whole chain of DNA. It passes between the divine and the human hand, closing the composition on the right. It also brings mysticism and science together – God created man, and man discovered DNA, here we have some consistency”. Piotr Chrzanowski

Check out the final mural below…

Photo credit Paweł Trzeźwiński:



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