Add Fuel Paints for Unity, Respect and Tolerance. Amadora, Portugal, 2020

JUNTOS which means together is part of the urban art promotion project “Conversas na Rua‘ / Conversations on the Street” taking place in Amadora, Portugal.

Amadora celebrates itself as a multicultural city that celebrates diversity as a resource for the development of society and the cultural richness of the city.

ADD FUEL’s mural stands proud on Amadora’s streets and is the artist’s contribution to unity, painting for respect and tolerance within society.

We need to talk about racism, intolerance and hatred. And do something about it. JUNTOS. (JUNTOS means TOGETHER).
I have remained silent on this topic that is, unfortunately, so much a part of everyday life today, but I felt the need to contribute to a greater awareness and change, because everyone counts in this discussion. JUNTOS is my call for unity, respect and tolerance.
In a multicultural city like Amadora, JUNTOS is a visual composition of multicultural, aesthetic and chromatic influence, which celebrates the diversity of races, cultures and skin tones that make the world more beautiful. ADD FUEL

Check out the finished mural below …

Photo cred Miguel Portelinha / Ana Pires



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