“ALL OF US!” – Saype’s Artistic Tribute to the Broken Chair Campaign against Explosive Weapons, Geneva 2023

Handicap International has invited the renowned artist Saype to participate in an artistic project that involves the creation of a large fresco on the Place des Nations, home of the United Nations Office at Geneva, located in Geneva, Switzerland.

Handicap International is the leading NGO in the field of comprehensive assistance to people with disabilities in the humanitarian sector. A global organization of more than 4,800 people, it has operated in 60 countries for more than 40 years. Working alongside disabled and vulnerable people, she acts and testifies to meet their essential needs and improve their living conditions. It is committed to promoting respect for their dignity and fundamental rights. Co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997.

The fresco, titled “ALL OF US!”, is a tribute to the Broken Chair’s campaign against explosive weapons and aims to highlight the fragility of our societies and the challenges we face.

Broken Chair symbolises both fragility and strength, imbalance and stability, brutality and dignity. Imagined by Handicap International and created by the artist Daniel Berset to convince States to ban anti-personnel mines (1997), then cluster munitions (2008), this monument in International Geneva embodies the desperate cry of civilian populations scarred by war. It recalls the obligation placed on States to protect and rescue them. It invites everyone to refuse the unacceptable and to act, so that the rights of individuals and communities to fair reparation are honoured.

Saype, who has created several monumental frescoes around the world on grass, earth, sand, and snow in cities such as New York, Paris, Venice, Geneva, and more, has been selected for this project owing to his expertise in creating thought-provoking works of art that resonate with people all over the world.
The artwork, painted with eco-responsible paint made primarily of chalk and charcoal, will eventually fade away in a way that respects nature.

“How strong can today’s societies be if they are unable to combat inequality and discrimination and protect their populations? This is a highly topical question. I am therefore delighted to be able to work with Handicap International and interact with the famous Handicap International Broken Chair sculpture , created by artist Daniel Berset, which highlights the importance of protecting civilians from all types of weapons and war-related destruction. More broadly, the aim of this artistic project is to remind us all that we need to work together and that we all have a role to play in combating inequality and disability and in supporting people with disabilities”. Saype.

The fresco in Place des Nations depicts a hand, symbolising humanity, presenting a new chair leg to the Broken Chair, a figure representative of the numerous civilian victims of war bombings. With this powerful image, Saype hopes to convey the message that we are all interconnected and that our actions impact the lives of others, especially those who are most vulnerable.

The project is a remarkable initiative that combines art and social activism to bring attention to critical issues affecting humanity.

The “ALL OF US!” fresco is a tribute to the resilience and courage of those affected by explosive weapons and a call to action for ‘all of us’ to work towards a more peaceful and just world.

Saype’s participation in this project is a testament to his commitment to using his talents to create positive change in the world.

Let us all take this call to action and work towards a more peaceful and just world.

Photo Credit Saype



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