Altrove Street Art Festival is returning to Catanzaro for a fourth year, 2017

ALTROVE returns this year for its fourth edition on 20th -22nd of July 2017. Over the last three years Altrove has earn’t its reputation of being the best public art festival in Italy, and with its fourth edition, titled “Altrove festival – Centro Arte Contemporaneo”, the artists will be painting in the city of Catanzaro.

The fourth edition of the festival, focuses on enhancing and regenerate the historic centre of Catanzaro, through the implementation of eight urban art interventions, an establishment of relational architecture and a number of events within the most suggestive places as well as locations of historic importance.

The abstract language has been the recurrent theme of the previous editions, and is now accompanied by expressionist and naïve painters as well as photographers and audio-visual artists who will work on several supports and materials. Wall, glass, textile, iron and concrete will be some of the mediums used for the purpose of raising the quality and durability of the interventions.

The Altrove Festival fourth edition aims at rediscovering the cultural, historic and tourist asset of the region. It suggests new uses of the public space as well as giving a heritage of public artworks created by some of the world’s most important artists.

Artists invited are 3TTMAN from France who will be concrete engraving, ALFANO (Italy) whose art is experiential – art workshop with disabled children,  AMOR (Argentina) and DILEN TIGREBLU (Italy) who will both do their own site-specific installations, ANDRECO (Italy) who will create a sculpture from iron and CIREDZ (Italy) who will create a sculpture from concrete, GONZALO BORONDO (Spain) who will paint on glass, and finally QUIET ENSEMBLE (Italy) who will create an audio/ video installation.


Check back in July for all the action in Catanzaro!



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