ALT!rove Street Art Festival, Catanzaro 2015

Now examine the notion of space through the vision of abstract art. That is what the Alt!rove Festival is all about this year. The street Art Festival, called ‘Abstractism- space>place’ runs from the 30th April to 9th May 2015.

The Street artists invited to create invisible boundaries between art and architecture are 108, Alberonero, Giorgio Bartocci, Clemens Behr, Ciredz, Erosie, Graphic Surgery, Wrong, Sten Lex and Tellas.

The street art festival will turn derelict urban areas into places with a meaning and bring them back to life.

“A space designed around people and relationships.
A space it becomes a place.” Altrove

Street artist Clemens Behr from Berlin pre opened the Alt!rove Street Art Festival.

Ciredz’s work ‘Gipsy King’ is the first official wall painting for abstractism – space> place. It can be found in the Aranceto area, in the southern outskirts of Catanzaro, which endures a state of persistent decline and time after time has seen the isolation and prejudice of its inhabitants. Ciredz’s street piece has a big symbolic meaning that reflects with the festival’s message and is highly representative of the festival’s aims.
“Madre Nostra” by Giorgio Bartocci is the second and last mural in the tough outskirt of Aranceto. The mural is homage to the earth and to the human being, both as an instrument, and vehicle, of energy and life.
Sbagliato chaotically pastes the iconic window shutter on the wall in Sarrottino, Catanzaro. The mural, conceived in an area of high seismic risk, refers to the social situation in Sarrottino, which Sbagliato describes as new generations, living on the earth, with continual trembles under their feet.
 Alberonero street mural can be found in Dante Square in the Materdomini district of Catanzaro. Alberonero painted over the inscription “Porco Benvenuto”. These words have been painted forty years ago and to reach to the top the men made a human ladder. So to honour the challenge of the men Alberonero used one hundred and fifty eight different colours that orderly move from cold to hot colours on a sloping level. These colours strengthen the relationship between architecture and landscape and honours the history of the wall.
Tellas is back in Catanzaro with “Profondo Sud”, a personal work in Materdomini district, within walking distance from Alberonero’s wallpainting. Tellas describes the mural as a gradient running and organic where nature can explode and throw up its fragments. Made on a private building located next to the Academy of Belle Arti, the work will provide new insights for professors as well as stimulate the creativity of students who work opposite.
Street artist Jeroen Erosie mural is on the outskirts of  Piano Casa, close to the old town of Catanzaro, Erosie has painted a triptych entitled “Linguaggio Universale”. Initially, after three days Erosie finished his diptych, But, the owners of the building wanted more!! Erosie painted an extra 120 square meters in one day with the help of the locals car headlights cars and Catanzaro football team’s scarves as inspiration.
108 first mural is titled ‘Derealizzazione Improvvisa’ which translates to ‘Sudden derealisation’ and can be found in Via Ciacci in Catanzaro . The great Italian interpreter mural was situated on a blind alley and coincides with the entrance to the ancient city. This entry is the only one present and takes on a symbolic value to the rediscovery of a forgotten beauty. Unfortunately today it is a state of neglect so artist 108 is giving the entry the facelift the city deserves.
108 second mural is titled Nel regno dei feaci which translates to ‘In the realm of Phaeacians’. The Phaeacians were ancient people of Homeric mythology and kindly welcomed Ulysse’s arrival on these lands. This mural is dedicated to the Phaeacians and the mural can be found in catanzaro lido’s ex marketplace.
Minimal and complex, Graphic Surgery’s work definitely breaks the line between art and architecture. Working with the grid of the building, the Dutch artists have created a layered mural, precise positive and negative spaces that enhance and maintain the existing structure. Painted on the wall of a Technical Institute, “Increment” stands as a stimulus and source of inspiration for the graphic students.
Sten & Lex mural is called “Abeti” meaning Fur tree. The work continues with the artistic research on subjective and abstract perceptions important to these artists, and supports the objectives of the festival by changing the face of a brutal reinforced concrete wall around the corner from San Leonardo gardens: a new sign in a historic landmark for the teenagers of the town.
A great festival and a great concept. Congratulations to all involved and for all the hard work that goes behind these festivals.




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