AnimalitoLand goes Back to School with Festival Asalto, Spain 2018

Argentinan street artist AnimalitoLand, known for her fun magical characters and beautiful illustrations has just painted the facade of the Fernando el Católico school in Zaragoza.

The International Festival of Urban Art Asalto, is developing different artistic projects in collaboration with the neighbourhood of Oliver neighbourhood of Zaragoza, Spain, where the Festival Asalto will be held next September. The artist was inspired by the proposals of the students to “make (their school) more beautiful”, within the projects of the Asalto Festival.

“It is very nice for me to know that every day this mural will be with you for a long time. That is why it is important that people feel that the paintings are theirs, they are not mine, even though they have a part of me, ” AnimalitoLand

The Asalto Festival sent a request out to all the schools students to work on a creative project “Design for Change” that challenged the students to find creative proposals to improve the common spaces in the courtyard of the centre, which included the facade, the sandbox, the dance machine or the fence.

After developing these proposals on a small scale and presenting them to the organisation of the festival, the artist AnimalitoLand took the elements that she considered most representative.

“The children contributed all kinds of ideas and the main concept that I was left with is that they are all children from different parts but who are in a common place doing a common project.”AnimalitoLand

From there came the idea of ​​creating two characters, children from different worlds, space and earth, and between the two they are building their place in the world and play with blocks, which are the windows of the building.

“What seems to me more important is that the children feel that they have made this change possible in their school,”AnimalitoLand

This work has the style of the artist, who incorporates characters with whom we can all feel identified, magical beings that have no defining features and in which the important thing is action and feeling.

Check out the video below …

There will be more projects under the creative umbrella of “Urban art projects for citizenship” organised by Asalto Festival, which we will bring to you over the coming months.






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