Anti-advertising campaign hits Hyderabad, the city of hoardings, India 2017

Two artists Dia Metha Bhupal and Daku, just took on the city of Hyderabad, also known as the city of hoardings. The two artists, each with their own styles, wanted to put an end to the visual pollution and advertising vandalism which alters our minds, the landscape, architecture and perception of the environment. Hence, challenging the corporate advertising and messages that invade the everyday life of the people of Hyderabad.

Daku’s took over five hoardings which were located all over the city of Hyderabad, in some of its most commuter friendly parts of town, such as Parade Ground and the Khairatabad flyover. His takeover consisted of simple black and white writing, such as “Relax. I am not selling you anything” and “Wanted. A space in your head”.

Artist Dia Mehta Bhupal constructs installations made out of wasted paper, magazines and newspapers. She then frames these in captivating and questioning still-life photographs. For this project, she focused on the iconography of common products which are an integral part of our daily life and supposed choices. Objects that we tend to take for granted, which condition our daily colour palette, objects which we think we choose, but perhaps they choose us. Dia reflects how corporate media is influencing our minds.

These clever anti-advertisements are only temporary but bring a sense of calmness in the busy city. The city of Hyderabad is bombarded with advertisements everyday and an advert not trying to sell you anything is like a breath of fresh air.

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Photos Credit Pranav Gohel

St+Art Festival Supported by: Asian Paints




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