Art for All in the World, Street Art Project, Sandefjord, Norway 2017

Urban art project Art for all in the world was founded by Sharon and Peter Claesson. Art for All is a non-profit organisation working with communities across the globe to harness the power of art as a force for positive change.

Art for all in the world invited six international artists to the beautiful coastal city of Sandefjord, Norway.  Embracing art as a force for positive change the artists were invited to celebrate inclusiveness, tolerance and diversity within their murals, and to use as much colour as possible!

“Our ambition for Art for All in the World in Sandefjord – officially opened by the Norwegian prime minister on 3 July – was to create a project that celebrates inclusiveness, tolerance, and diversity. And what better way to do it than to use colours showing ‘it takes all kinds to make a world’. Sandefjord is a small town by world standards (62,000 inhabitants), so the impact has been very visible for many.” Peter Claesson

Artists invited included; AEC Aleksi Interesni, Artez, Bart Smeet, Kobra and team from Brazil, Matias Sabotaje al Montaje, Luis Alberto Lopez and Erik Okdeh.

“We are living in times that are challenging our generosity as human beings and how we view others. Others belong to different cultures and consequently have a different religious outlook or value things differently than we do. The EU, which started out as an idea to avoid a third world war, and consequently is a giant peace project, is going through hard times. The refugee crisis is challenging many of us and our tolerance towards others. The right-wing movement is gaining a foothold and the US has a new president, largely due to anti-globalization sentiments and fear of others. I believe that in this climate we could do with a bit of focus on inclusiveness, generosity towards others, and the celebration of diversity…” Peter Claesson

“Without globalization, we would still be eating fish, meatballs, and potatoes in Norway and would never have tasted things like spaghetti (or Italian noodles as they call them in China), quesadillas, meze, or sushi. We would still be dancing to fiddles, without having discovered the tango, capoeira, taekwondo, or tai-chi…” Peter Claesson

Kobra mural represents peace between nations.

Aec Interesni Kazki mural is called ‘Birds Of Passage’ ‘Trekkfugel’ and took nine days to complete. His mural is dedicated to the topic of refugees and migration in the world, brings idea of inclusiveness, tolerance and diversity.

“Valhalla. I have painted it as modern megapolis. Symbol of urbanization in the world. City is the place where people are searching for a better life, image of success and happiness. Main idea of the project is refuges and topic of migration in the world. Not accidentally, I drew it here in Norway, a country of prosperity and a high standard of living, a place where people from unsuccessful countries dream to get in.” Aec Interesni Kazki

Bart Smates Smeets mural can be found by the parking behind Peter Grøns gate 2,

Matias Sabotajealmontaje mural was at Restaurant Smak, Thor Dahlsgt. 9. He painted the faces of refugees, portraying Sonia from Thailand, Nazir of Kurdistan and Maria of Iraq, who live in Sandefjord.

“As birds migrate without borders, human beings should walk without barriers.” Matias

Eric Okdeh murals were at the Parking in Storgata 7 and Storgata 6.

Artez mural “Never give up” is situated at the Coop Prix, Kongensgt. 1B. The basis for this mural hinted towards a bad period in his life and how he attempted to turn the negatives into positives.

  “No matter what life brings to us, we should always try to stay positive and sooner or later things will get back to normal or better than that. Stay strong, never give up!” Artez

The project has been directed by Visit Vestfold with Anne Strømøy in the lead in collaboration with Sandefjord Kunstforening and support from local companies and volunteers. check out the other murals below …

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Photo Credit Art for all in the world.




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