Art inspiring the public to keep dreaming, 2021

The BUILDHOLLYWOOD family of JACKJACK ARTS and DIABOLICAL have collaborated with Yinka Ilori on a national scale and Super FreakZoe Power and Lottie Nadeau in their local cities to inspire and remind us all to keep going and keep dreaming even during these challenging times. This is the latest instalment of their Your Space Or Mine project, which gives artists and creatives a platform on the street. 

“Our ongoing Your Space Or Mine project has always been a big part of what we do, and during the pandemic, the project has become more important than ever. We are excited to be collaborating with these incredible artists and we hope this will bring a little bit of joy and inspiration to our streets. It’s been a tough year but we need to keep dreaming, especially now.” – Khaly Nguyen, Head of Marketing (The BUILDHOLLYWOOD family)

Yinka Ilori is a London based multidisciplinary artist who specialises in storytelling by fusing his British and Nigerian heritage to tell new stories in contemporary design.

Colourful, provocative and fun, each piece he creates tells a story. For the collaboration, Ilori’s bold, sharp and impressive works are blistering concatenations of colour, pattern and form will take over flagship poster and billboard sites nationwide in London, Brighton, Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester, Sheffield, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

His newly created piece for the Your Space Or Mine collaboration makes use of vibrant colours and patterns with the messaging “IF YOU DREAM THEN ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE”.

“When you grow up everyone has a dream, and the beauty of life is that you can be a young kid in the poorest country in the world but you can still dream. When you dream, you’re able to take your mind and head to another space and create your dreams the way you want to create and shape your life. That’s the themes and ideas I’m trying to express and convey within that text and within the graphic work. I was trying to be a bit more hopeful, like, we’re still in control. We as humans are extremely powerful people. We can all dream, and the most important thing is that nobody can take that away from us.” Yinka Ilori

Alongside Ilori, the BUILDHOLLYWOOD family collaborated with three other artists who have been asked to respond with inspiring posters in their local cities to carry out the dream theme.

Super Freak, aka Dan Whitehouse, is a Birmingham based illustrator who draws you into his world of cartoon characters and positive vibes with humour and a retro colour palette to dazzle your senses. For the Your Space Or Mine collaboration, he has conjured up a very welcome, cheery cartoon cloudscape to take over the streets of Birmingham.

“When I think of daydreaming it reminds me of the innocence of being a kid, having no limitations or fears and being able to throw yourself into a fantasy land where your imagination can run wild. Living through a pandemic the past year has been challenging and we’ve all had to find creative ways to stay mentally sharp and proactive. I wanted this poster to remind us all to take a break from reality once in a while and to slow things down when things get too hectic. With the world wizzing by before our very eyes, taking a brief moment to reflect on our dreams and goals can hopefully give us a new found perspective, motivation and focus in the real world!” Super Freak aka Dan Whitehouse

Lottie Nadeau is an Edinburgh based photographer who explores the human condition and its surrounding world. She uses photographic digital manipulation and the self-portrait to create surreal images that are thematically focused on identity, emotions and dreams. Her gorgeous and haunting imagery which will be displayed on poster sites across Edinburgh is very appropriate right now, they are visual exhortations to ‘hang in there’.

“These are all images made whenever I’ve had spontaneous bursts of energy or inspiration throughout lockdown. It started out working with light and shadows, exploring the real interacting with images of shadows. But as there’s been limited daylight and warmth going into winter months I’ve found myself creating a response to the things that I’m longing for or missing through the view of windows – this is especially relevant to ‘Dreaming of Golden hour’. I think that the repetition of hands and the multiplication of them throughout the images mirror my overwhelming feelings of stress and the desire to be productive. I wanted to change the spaces I’ve been occupying, so creating these digital manipulations has felt like an expanded space to be in.” Lottie Nadeau 

Zoë Power is a mural artist, printmaker and illustrator from Bristol. Her signature style is bright and bold, putting people at the heart of her work. For the collaboration Power’s glorious cavorting figures throw shapes on the city walls, heralding a future party that for now we can only dream of. 

“For many of us, boogying on a sticky dance floor at a bar, gig or party seems like a distant dream. With its bright colours and its intensely jazzy vibes, the posters were not only designed to give us all a boost but also as a shout-out to performers, musicians and those in the events industry who have faced a particularly challenging year.” Zoe Power

It is so nice to see art where advertising used to be! With such positivity beaming from each billboard it’s sure going to make passers-by smile through these tough times.

Photo credit The BUILDHOLLYWOOD family



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