Art is for Everybody, BLOOP Festival, Milan 2019

The micro pilot edition of the BLOOP FESTIVAL MILANO by the BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival IBIZA, marked its finale on the 16th of April. ART IS FOR EVERYBODY, the ethos of this completely free festival remained untouched and was translated into the Milanese setting.

The essence of BLOOP came in a collective exposition at the heart of Milan on calligraphy, design, virtual reality and creative technologies applied to art. Biokip Atelier, was the producer for both artistic and technical development of the entire exposition. There were long queues to dive into “The Temple”, a meta-virtual reality installation by Lo Spino (with the creative technologies by Biokip Labs) that crossed over two worlds, virtual and physical. Palimpsestos was an exploration of calligraphy in sculpture and series by artist Said Dokins.

There was Shifting Aning, a video mapping installation by Lo Spino and Said Dokins that blurred the borders between calligraphy, sculptures and digital video mapping; The future is in your hands by Amadama, was an intelligent light design that you could control the colour, intensity and light  with your hands. All sound design and music were specifically composed for each installation and the occasion by Pineapple Crocodile inviting the visitors to fully immerse in the world of Biokip/ BLOOP.

In March 2019, a set of collaboration murals by one the most distinctive figures in calligraffiti, Said Dokins; creative atelier Biokip Atelier and with a small contribution from SpY, they constructed three murals in hand. The word AMA, imperative verb for amare: to love, in Italian is written by the memories, hope, words and sentences that described the neighbourhood by the residents. These large outdoor artworks can be found in the culturally and socially challenging outskirts of Milan. Despite the difficulties the walls embody the area and its people, united by compassion, love.

Said Dokins shared the secrets of calligraphy to the children for “Bloop Kids”, opening a new world to them, showing that “writing” itself is a form of art. On a gloomy Sunday, the portico at the Parco Chiesa Rossa located in the outskirts of Milan became a bright creative playground.

The micro pilot edition of the BLOOP FESTIVAL MILANO is the further step to “ART IS FOR EVERYBODY”, diffusing the very foundation of the BLOOP to a new audience. Aiming to render art universal by showcasing comprehensible democratic art to everybody, the Ibizan born celebration localised its artistic contents for the Milan edition. During the Milan Design Week more than 1500 visitors opened doors to the world of BLOOP/ Biokip.

BLOOP, an avant-garde fiesta is a project by Biokip Labs that came to life in 2011 Ibiza. For BLOOP FESTIVAL MILANO, the creative atelier devoted itself to the organisation and production of the entire event.

BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival IBIZA (BLOOP FESTIVAL IBIZA) is going on to its 9th consecutive edition in summer 2019.



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