Art RePublic, Street Art Festival 2017 Artist lineup, Jacksonville, Florida

Today, Art Republic Jax revealed nineteen of the most prolific names in street art from around the world set to come to North Florida during the organization’s sophomore year.

The extended twelve-day exhibition will return to Downtown Jacksonville later this fall, November 1-12, 2017. After a successful year one, ArtRepublic Jax returns with Public Art exhibitions, a Fashion Design Gala, a Lecture Series and an immersive Digital Art Exhibition.

This year artists include Faith47, Hush, Okuda, Bik Ismo, 2Alas, Dourone, Martin Ron, Bisco Smith, Oiterone, Ricky Lee Gordon, Francisco Bosoletti, Shaun Thurston, Cent, Nico, Halsi, David Petroni, Mario Mankey and returning this year Astro.

“This November I will be collaborating with Inka Kendzia on new experimental work during ArtRepublic. We are really excited to see the results that will unfold in this enchanted partnership” Faith47.

 “I’m excited to see the ArtRepublic artists working in the city I grew up in … Having always dreamed of our walls being covered in monumental artwork I see that ArtRepublic is progressively helping to make these dreams come true. I’m honored to be included in the line-up of so many inspirational artists.” North Florida based Artist Shaun Thurston.

Art Republic Jax is the avant-garde of the street art movement, going beyond beautification and highly curating a collection of the icons of the great street art movement. Offering artists new opportunities and resources to create boundary pushing work, filling voids in the art industry between gallery and museum.

Check back at a later date for all the action in Jacksonville.



Photo Credit Iryna Kanishcheva and Henrik Haven (faith47)



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