Art Rules the Waves, The Crystal Ship Festival, Oostende 2019. Part 2

It’s our second day in the city of Oostende and we are ready to start another day of art hunting in the coastal city of Oostende.

We set sail and check in on Crystal Wagner who is busy weaving her latest creation! Her biometric masterpiece is coming together and she is in her final and most rewarding stages of completion. The installation comprises of a central body with wings which will be finally connected. The fascinating installation will fall down from the high glass ceilings of the main shopping precinct in Oostende. The sunlight through the ceiling windows will no doubt cast something magical over the biometric form.

We leave Crystal and walk through the city centre and head over to crystal ship mascot Jaune, who is adding the final touches to his epic 100 metre stencil street mural. The mural is a long street, full of scenarios and includes local characters such as The Crystal Ship curator Bjørn Van Poucke.

We head over the water on the free ferry to check out 3D anamorphic extraordinaire artist Leon Keer as he paints his mural for this years Crystal Ship festival.

We head over to the secondary school, Leerlingen Ensorinstituut. We find their collaborative mural full of fun and imaginative characters.

We past murals from previous festivals until finally we come to Miss Van’s.  The mural displays a single iconic feminine character with sultry lips and a butterfly mask covering her eyes. The mural really is beautiful and is a highlight of our 10k trail.

As we walk back to The Crystal Ship’s HQ we check out a priceless Wasted Rita piece on the beach.

The murals are coming along and the atmosphere is fantastic, the locals are really enjoying the artists painting and visitors from a afar have travelled miles to see their favourite artist paint. We can’t wait to see the final murals tomorrow at the official opening of The Crystal Ship 2019.



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