Artist Amadama makes a Loud Impression at this year’s BLOOP Festival, Ibiza 2019

The BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival is back for its 9th consecutive edition, and this year the Ibiza festival goes back to the basics of the street art movement, choosing to be pure and anonymous.

This year artists built their aesthetics around the theme RESILIENCE . Artist AMADAMA creates an installation titled ‘The Equalizer’ and makes a loud impression in the centre of Ibiza.

The white columns of random heights that stood in the park are painted in vibrant colours turning visuals into audio equalisers. Something very familiar to the dance music capital. Some columns are short and some tall, and represent “to bounce back up” like the volume of music. The artist playfully communicates the theme on Ibiza to the locals, the promised land for emerging talents and veterans in dance music.

“I fell in love with Ibiza when “party” was all over the place. I used to have fun seeing people mingle without interest behind their backs. But everything changes, obviously. Maybe it wasn’t better back then nor better now. For instance in the clubs people danced differently before. They danced just for the party and in someways an individualist atmosphere started to spread. Plus people are focused more on taking their best selfies and let others know that they’re part of a moment than actually having a good time. They’re basically audience of themselves. DJ’s loved the music…but now, they’re often just dancers who put on headphones to earn the money and hired because for many club owners the numbers of followers that DJ has is what matters and not for the quality of their work. The equaliser in the park is a tribute to the memories of the festa and to music. The columns were white and anonymous. Now they are coloured and people stop by to take photos nearby. The party will never end.” Amadama

Check out the final results below …

This year represents BLOOP’s 9th consecutive edition and has become Ibiza’s authentic longest running art festival, a context traditionally foreign to arts and culture. Earlier this year it held its zero edition in Milan amid the international design week and is set to travel to Japan, Tokyo in 2020.



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