Artist Duo, Quiet British Accent, unveil Bowie-themed Online Treasure Hunt during COVID-19 Lockdown, 2020

Artist duo QUIET BRITISH ACCENT (QbA) are hiding, virtually, five hand-painted pre-decimal pennies for people to find via online clues.

QbA are known for their #pennydrops on streets around the world since 2015; recently dropping old penny coins in New York, Cornwall, Seville and Amsterdam, but mostly in East London. Unable to get out and wanting to continue these art drops in the present lockdown, the couple has devised a way for people to search for pennies from the safety of their own homes.

“We had a number of exhibitions lined up for 2020, including participating for the first time at Upfest (Europe’s largest Street Art & Graffiti festival); all of which have been postponed due to Coronavirus. Taking our #pennydrops online allows us to keep in touch with people and, hopefully, gives everyone something else to think about other than the virus.” Sharon from QbA

Each penny can be found by piecing together the weekly online clues and emailing the artists the correct answer. One winner will be picked out of a hat each week. The duo has used a David Bowie theme for this new series.

Bowie’s career was marked by reinvention, an aptitude the artists think we could all do with, as we progress into the ‘new normal’. Each penny feature lyrics which form part of the clue to the locations. The pennies are painted with signwriters’ enamel paint, each finished off with 23ct gold leaf.

One penny will be released each week, starting on 13th May. The fifth and final penny features the Bowie song lyric ‘I demand a better future’, a message quite apt for the times, and a gilded Queen Elizabeth II complete with Aladdin Sane face-flash.

Follow QUIET BRITISH ACCENT on social media( Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) for clues as to how to find these one-off pieces of art and watch the duo’s video for more details here.

This series of #pennydrops runs from 13th May–16th June 2020



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