Artist Saype is Painting a Symbolic Human Chain around the World! First Stop Paris, 2019

Guillaume Legros, also known as Saype, is a Swiss artist who is the pioneer of his poetic art “Land art”. Saype’s paints large-size land paintings on grass that speak about Humanity.

The paint used is kind to the environment and is hand made by the artist and his team, the paint is 100% biodegradable and made from natural materials. The fresco fades to the rhythm of regrowth of the grass before disappearing complement and naturally.

In a world that is polarized, Saype’s ambition is to create the largest human chain in the world, generate a real social movement and invite the crowds to benevolence. The project is titled “Beyond walls” and will link twenty megacities of the globe to the same ethos: Optimism and living together. This ambitious project will take Saype three years to paint.

Beyond Walls project shows interlaced hands, reaching out, shaking and united in a common effort beyond all walls separating humans and enclosing them in mental or geographical spaces. Thus, the walls erected in mentalities become fictive partitions, wiped out by artistic imagination. It merely opens a breach in the real walls, the ones built by humanity within and against itself. Saype

​The symbolic human chain biodegradable land art began in the city of love, Paris. It is pictured between 9th June and 12th June 2019 on the Champ de Mars in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower.

With an overall area of 15’000 square meters, the 600 meters long and 25 meters wide painting, (likely one of the largest of its kind) was created using biodegradable pigments made out of charcoal, chalk, water and milk proteins.

In this specific artwork, the symbolic wall crossing does not eliminate the singularity of each of the hands: they all tell a life story and are subtly marked with multiple backgrounds (social, geographical, ethnical, etc.). Beyond walls and with this universal farandole, every human individuality is granted rights of way and civil ones. The universality conveyed in this project is one of plural humanity. Saype

This art piece launches the worldwide ‘Beyond Walls Project’; aiming at creating the longest symbolic human chain around the world promoting values such as togetherness, kindness and openness to the world.

‘Beyond Walls’ will cross borders in order to carry out this universal message from city to city, all along this immense human chain.

Follow the project on Facebook and  Instagram and be part of the project by publishing you handshake #BeyondWalls

The next part of the chain takes Saype to Andorra and then Geneva! stay tuned …


Photo Credit Valentin Flauraud





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