Artist Saype’s Worldwide Symbolic Human Chain extends to Geneva, 2019

French-Swiss artist Saype’s worldwide ‘Beyond walls Project’ extends to Geneva, Switzerland. Saype’s vision is to create the longest symbolic human chain around the world, generate a real social movement and invite the crowds to benevolence.

​The symbolic human chain launched in the city of love, Paris and then travelled to Engolasters in Andorra. Now Saype has just finished the third step of his ambitious ‘Beyond Walls Project’ in Geneva, Switzerland.

Two giant biodegradable landart murals were painted by artist Saype
between 13th-15th September in Geneva. With an overall area of 6’000 square meters, the paintings were created using biodegradable pigments made out of charcoal, chalk, water and milk proteins.

The first giant biodegradable land art covered 5.000m2 of grass and was created in the “Parc de la Grange”.

The second land art in Geneva was 1.200m2, 2019 at the “Parc des Bastions”.

These land art pieces mark the third step of the worldwide “Beyond Walls Project” aiming at creating the longest symbolic human chain
around the world promoting values such as togetherness, kindness and openness to the world.

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The next part of the symbolic human chain is a special project in Berlin! Artist Saype celebrates thirty years since the fall of the Berlin wall. Stay tuned …

The ‘Beyond walls Project’ will eventually link twenty megacities of the globe to the same ethos: Optimism and living together.

Photo Credit Valentin Flauraud.



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