Artist SPIDERTAG Lights Up Downtown Las Vegas with Interactive Neon Murals, 2021

Invited by curator group Justkids for the three-day festival Life is Beautiful, contemporary Spanish artist Spidertag debuted an interactive diptych mural lighting up the famous vintage neighbourhood Downtown Las Vegas.

Opting out of the traditional paint or aerosol approach, the artist expands his medium using neons to give shape to a new concept of street art: the Interactive Neon Mural. This avant-garde project burst into the art scene to
radically change the concept of muralism by taking it towards a new path of experimentation.

“Iconic vintage signs are very much a part of the city’s history and Las Vegas has a fantastic Neon Museum. So it was only natural to bring Spidertag here, and dazzle the Downtown area with a second neon mural” Charlotte Dutoit Justkids founder and art curator of Life is Beautiful.

Combining art and technology, Spidertag intertwines the neons to form abstract shapes that glow multi-colour shades and invites the audience to change these hues at any time as this electrifying eye candy can be modified
through a special app connected to a QR code, guaranteeing a different immersive experience every time you pass by.

Indeed, a few years ago Justkids brought for the festival the now-iconic Felipe Pantone first-ever-solar powered neon mural. Spidertag’s Interactive Neon Mural #12 is now on display in the brightest city on Earth and will continue to shine all year round for everyone to enjoy.

Photo credit Justkids



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