Artscape’s White Moose Street Art Project in Värmland, Sweden 2017

Artscape just took on its biggest project to date ‘The White Moose Project‘ in Värmland. From the 24th July  until the 18th August 2017 twenty three artists from all over the world took over an entire region of Sweden, including Arvika, Filipstad, Forshaga, Grums, Karlstad, Munkfors, Sunne, Säffle, Torsby and Årjäng creating large-scale public art.

Artists invited to Artscape 2017 included Pantonio, Pastel, Ledania, Smug, BKFOXX, Yash, Vexta, Nomad Clan, Annatomix, Hitotzuki, Zadok, Tatiana Suarez, Hyuro, Wild Drawing, Sagie, Super-G, Henric Thag, Bordalo, Faith 47, Case Maclaim, Caratoes and  Shalak & Smoky.

The rare white-coated ‘spirit moose’ is the symbol of Artscape 2017! This animal is only found in Värmland, the region’s unique all white moose population carries the same gene as human red-heads – turning their fur completely white!

The White Moose Project is about celebrating the unique. Finding beauty in the unexpected and mystical.

In July our favourite trash man Bordalo II made a Muskox for the festival transforming people’s trash into art to highlight waste production.

Smug painted two white mooses in battle for his mural in Garvaregatan, Karlstad.

Pastel from Argentina brought his bouquet of flowers to Säffle, a beautiful piece in an amazing location.

Smug painted another wall in Årjäng.

Pantónio mural is called ‘Blueberries’, which can be found on Orrholmen in Karlstads kommun.

BKfoxx wowed the public with her huge mural ‘Neighbours’, a massive wolf themed wall in Forshaga.

Shalak Attack & Bruno Smoky (Clandestinos) transformed two walls into one massive piece in Torsby.

Captain Kris was given drawings and suggestions by the Säffle people to use as inspiration for this mural.

A brilliant and atmospheric piece by Nomad Clan called ‘Pipe Dream’ in Arvika, Sweden.

YASH painted this beautiful wall called ‘Slowing Down’ in Filipstad.

Caratoes painted this spellbinding mural in Årjängs Kommun. If you look closely on the right knee there is a little tribute to the white moose they saw while out there.

Wild Drawing painted a Griffin in Arvika. The legendary creature with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion; the head and wings of an eagle; and an eagle’s talons as its front feet. The lion was traditionally considered the king of the beasts and the eagle the king of birds, the griffin was thought to be an especially powerful and majestic creature. ,

Local artist Sagie put some nature into Karlstad city centre.

Bless created this Filipstad-themed two sided mural. The people of Filipstad made suggestions and provided inspiration for the artist in a true collaborative spirit.

Vexta painted a dark wall with popping fluorescent colours called ‘To hold the power of the sky’. This piece is drawn from the story of the Norse goddess Freyja and, in particular, the ways in which this fierce deity was interconnected with the natural world via her ability to transform into a bird, represented by her cloak of feathers.

‘Astronomia Nova’ by Faith47. This lunar mural can be found in Grums.

Hitotzuki duo Kami and Sasu painted this beautiful balanced piece in Torsby.

Annatomix paints the Greek fable about the hare and the fox teaches us that curiosity comes with a price.

Tatiana Suarez mural loses us in the river. It is based on a lake creature, like a nymph, surrounded by lily pads, which Tatiana saw in the river on her journey over to Sweden.

A Powerful character piece by Ledania from Colombia. The mural speaks about skin colour, that it can be all colours and celebrates cultural mixes.

Beautifully serene mural by Hyuro located by Klarälven in Karlstad.

‘We Will Never Be Like Before’ by Case Maclaim can be found opposite the local bus stop.

The amount of talent at Artscape Festival this year has been next level! Congrats to Founder Daniel Wakeham and the Artscape team for organising this much creativity. Check back at a later date for more murals from Super-G, Henric Thag and Lyall Sprong.


Photo Credit Artscape and Photographers individually credited.



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