Asalto Urban Art Festival, Zaragoza, Spain 2017

The “Asalto” is the International Urban Art Festival that has been gracing the streets of the old town of Zaragoza since 2005. Now in its twelfth edition the city has a rich history and boasts impressive works by national and international urban artists.

Asalto has become a festival that aims to explore, discover or rediscover the urban space through artistic activities, actions and different urban experiences to transform the public space into a participatory, colourful, friendly and culturally open and active scenario. 

Artists invited for the twelfth edition were Zest (Fr), Mantra (Fr), Helen Bur (En), Antonyo Marest (Es), Cuco (Es), Cúmul (Es), Dingoperromudo (Es), Jofre Oliveras (Es), Maestro Cerezo (Es), Ampparito (Es), Octavi Serra (Es), Marta Boza (Es) and Kilomba (Ar).

They created paintings, sculptures and artistic installations that have changed the landscape of the neighbourhood of Valdefierro, where the festival was held this year.

Spanish artist Ampparito mural “Exercise of reducing a meter and a half the walls of a park of cement”, has managed to reduce the volume of concrete of an urban park, lowering the horizon line with a colour that is confused with the sky. With the exercise of adapting the painting to the changes of colour of the sky that happen throughout the day, the artist has changed the landscape, making it more friendly.

The collective cumulus has made two works transformed the view of a concrete park. With some hula hops they have created figures that give movement to the walls and break their straight lines.

The Artist Mantra finds in nature most of his creative references and takes them to great dimensions. These “Butterflies of aragon”, as refers to the work, delimit the neighbourhood of valdefierro (Zaragoza) and are already a geographical reference.

UK based artist Helen Bur mural reminds us all that clean water should be a right not a privilege.

“The neighbourhood of Valdefierro, where this was painted, only got running water in 1974. There are one in ten people in the world who do not have access to clean water. Large companies such as nestle and operations such as the DAPL further threaten peoples access to clean water. Water should be a right not a privilege” Helen Bur

Check out all the murals for this years Asalto festival below …

Over the years, Festival Asalto has acquired a notorious weight in the cultural program of Zaragoza being  the oldest urban art festival of Spain.


Photo Credit Marcos Cebrián Photography



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