Australia’s Street Artists take an Art Adventure, The Wanderers series 2017

The Wanderers is a mini series that will premiere on ABC’S iview online platform from April 3, 2017, produced by Drew Macdonald and directed by Selina Miles.

The Wanderers profiles six of Australia’s most exciting muralists; Guido Van Helten, Elliott Routledge, Georgia Hill, Dabsmyla, Amok Island and Rone, as they visit an Australian location of their choice. Once there they use their art practices to learn more about themselves, the place, and the influence of a new environment on their individual artistic styles. This is a series about self discovery and of Australia’s next generation of contemporary artists.

By creating this series we want to introduce the public to an authentic version of street art culture, told from inside the community. Each episode will essentially chronicle one Artist’s journey to create a mural for a specific area or community. In conjunction we will explore the location and how art can connect people. Widely regarded as an Urban art form we want to challenge this norm and see how Street Art can fit into a rural space or outback Australia. Working towards exploring the central concept of the show; Art = adventure. The Wanderers

“Street Art is, in it’s purist form, an exploration of life and culture colliding to create art. The Wanderers allows us to explore this idea through the people, their art, and the communities where the work will exist. We want to tell these stories in an authentic and engaging way that explores how street art can be a ticket to see the world, but also explore how it brings the world and culture back to the people through art.” The Wanderers

Viewers will discover Australia’s new generation of contemporary artists, as those artists discover themselves. The mini series contains six episodes ranging from nine to eleven minutes of film.

Episode 1 – Guido van Helten ventures to Manildra, in rural New South Wales, to use a working freight train as a canvas and paint a series of local portraits – creating a large scale art installation that will travel the countryside delivering street art to the surrounding areas.

Episode 2 – Abstract artist, Elliott Routledge, journeys to a remote Aboriginal community in the Tiwi Islands. Follow him as he paints a series of artworks, and learns about the artistic history, cultural practices, and techniques from local indigenous artists.

Episode 3 – Georgia Hill brings her monochromatic lettering and pattern work to the isolated central highlands of Tasmania, where she explores the history and remoteness of the area before painting a 10 metre mural in the historic Hydro town of Tarraleah.

Episode 4 – Los Angeles based duo, DabsMyla, return to Australia to paint a mural in the heart of Surry Hills, Sydney. The 20 metre-tall mural serves a homage to one their earliest artistic inspirations, Brett Whiteley.

Episode 5- Amok Island journeys to the Heron Island Research facility on the Great Barrier Reef, learning about the ecology of the area and seeking inspiration via underwater photography, before painting a mural at a nearby abandoned marine park.

Episode 6 – Melbourne Artist, Rone, travels to Port Vila, Vanuatu to update a cyclone-damaged wall painted several years earlier. He creates a series of portraits of local women, hoping to use his skills to form relationships with people from each neighbourhood.

Find the series on ABC iview Art Bites here. The six episodes are available until 2:00am on 31 Dec 2019.


Photo Credit Selina Miles and Callie Marshall



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