“Baggage Claim” Mural by Millo at Stavanger Airport: A Beautiful Representation of Travel and Unity

At Stavanger Airport in Norway, visitors are welcomed by a magnificent work of art that spans a vast area inside the airport. Created by the talented Italian artist Millo for Nuart, the mural titled “Baggage Claim” is a beautiful representation of travel and unity. With its unique and symbolic design, the artwork showcases the diversity and beauty of the world’s most iconic symbols, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of cultural exploration.

The mural’s attention to detail is impressive, creating a memorable visual experience. The message conveyed by the design is powerful – that travel unifies people across borders and cultures, bringing them closer together. Millo’s perspective on travel and its impact on human life is reflected in the mural’s symbolic images of different countries on the luggage belt, highlighting the message that travel broadens our horizons.

“My life as you can imagine is made of travels, and airports are the place where each journey starts or ends. It could mean coming back home or going anywhere else, but each trip for me has been a way to enrich myself and I’m quite sure that travel is a way for everybody to enrich themselves. I’ve imagined the luggage belt as a flux of experiences: on the belt there are no luggages, replaced instead with symbolic images of other countries; Some of them have been already processed by our experience, as is in the case of a return traveller, others are instead what we imagine of places that we haven’t visited yet. In this way, the belt that is located in Norway with its own peculiarities, runs among the people without borders, unifying the world.”


The mural illuminates a colourful array of the world’s most recognisable symbols; from the fierce, majestic Chinese dragon to the soulful sound of Scottish bagpipes, every element captures the essence of its respective culture with authenticity. This artwork beautifully represents how travel opens our eyes to new experiences, cultures, and perspectives.

This exceptional work of art perfectly represents the city’s vibrant urban art scene and Nuart’s commitment to promoting artistic expression. Whether you’re arriving or leaving Stavanger Airport, take some time to witness the “Baggage Claim” mural firsthand and be inspired by its beauty and message of unity.

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