Banksy Replaced by a Robot: A Thought-Provoking Commentary on the Role of Technology in our World, London 2023

The latest mural created by the renowned artist Banksy is a striking piece of art that has sparked a significant conversation about the role of technology in our world. The mural vividly illustrates Banksy being replaced by a robot that appears confident as it brandishes a spray can. The graffiti on the wall accompanying the robot reads, “ANOTHER WORLD IS POSSIBLE.” Some people interpret it as a commentary on the rise of artificial intelligence and automation.

While it is undeniable that AI has made a significant impact on our world, there is an increasing concern that technology is gradually taking over the creative thinking process. Computer programs and algorithms are now generating work, which can lead to a lack of originality and job losses in the creative fields.

The unplugged robot works independently, a stark reminder that technology has the potential to be both powerful and unpredictable. The rogue robot is being dragged away like a wild animal by two suited men and a young girl, either to oppose robots taking over the world or they have become too heavily dependent on AI for creativity and need to return the robot to work!

The robot resembles Sun Yuan and Peng Yu’s large-scale installation Can’t Help Myself, a captivating work of art that challenges our understanding of ourselves and our relationship with technology. In this case, who is more vulnerable: the human who built the machine or the machine controlled by a human?

The latest Banksy mural is an impressive piece that has sparked important conversations about the role of technology in our world and can be found at Marylebone Road in London NW1 5NY.

What lies beneath the Marylebone Flyover, in a labyrinthine pedestrian subway where Massive Attack’s video for ‘Voodoo in my Blood’ was shot in the subway in February 2016, directed by Ringan Ledwidge, and sees actress Rosamund Pike possessed by a gold robotic orb.

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