Banksy’s back from Lockdown and Sprays the London Underground! 2020

Banksy has just released a video on his Instagram page of him ‘deep cleaning’ the London underground tube, with a little help from his rats.

The freshly released video initially shows Banksy watching the video ‘London Underground – undergoes deep clean’. The footage highlights the London Underground train carriages being deep cleaned multiple times a day with a powerful disinfectant called Zoono-71 to help guard against the spread of Covid-19.

The lure and the lore of the tube proved hard to resist and inspired by the ‘deep clean’ video Banksy dons PPE and an orange jacket and makes his way through the barriers of the London underground, mimicking a TfL worker ready to clean the train with his ‘disinfectant’ spray in hand.

‘If you don’t mask – you don’t get’. Banksy

Usually to get to the trains graffiti writers duck cameras, dodge CCTV, and hide from cleaners and security guards. This time Banksy confidently boards the tube all masked up and sets to work…

We see Banksy rats sneezing hand sanitiser across the train window to encourage people to cover their faces in public, and a couple of playful rats using surgical masks to play with.

We even see a Banksy tag on the train with green ‘hand sanitiser’. Now that’s clean!

At the end of the video, we see the tube doors open and the words ‘I get lockdown’ on the exiting station platform. The tube doors close and the words ‘But I get up again’ are seen with Chumbawamba’s 1997 hit Tubthumping playing in the background.

Banksy letting the whole world know he’s back!

By disguising himself as a TfL deep cleaner and spraying sneezing rats on the tube, Banksy’s latest guerilla attack urges public transport passengers to wear masks, use hand sanitiser and help stop the spread of COVID-19.



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