Banksy’s Thought-Provoking Tributes to Princess Diana: A Reflection on Royalty and Media Intrusion

Princess Diana, often referred to as the “People’s Princess,” inspired people around the world with her genuine kindness and compassion. She dedicated herself to numerous charitable causes, including Mental Health, HIV and AIDS awareness and the campaign to bring attention to landmines in Angola. Princess Diana’s innate beauty and charisma garnered significant media attention, which often became intrusive, especially when coupled with the challenges in her marriage, making her relatable to many people.

Tragically, her untimely passing in 1997, a result of a car crash while being pursued by paparazzi, deeply affected people worldwide, leaving a void that is still felt to this day. Princess Diana’s unwavering commitment to making a positive difference in the world solidified her as a beloved figure and a beacon of hope for many.

In this editorial, we look at Banksy‘s tributes to Princess Diana as a poignant reflection of his commentary on celebrity culture, media intrusion, and societal values.


One Banksy mural that reminds us of this features a paparazzi taking a picture of a flower, symbolising the invasive nature of the media. The image of the flower being uprooted and essentially destroyed for the sake of a photograph serves as a powerful metaphor for the destructive impact of the relentless pursuit of sensational news. Additionally, the soft white bottom layer creates the illusion of being above the clouds, adding to the mural’s impactful imagery.

Image Copyright Banksy

Di-Faced Tenner

Banksy incorporated Princess Diana into his artwork on the Banksy notes. By replacing the image of the Queen with Princess Diana, Banksy challenges traditional notions of royalty and highlights the enduring fascination with Diana, even after her passing.

Two years prior to her tragic passing in a car crash in Paris, Princess Diana expressed her desire to be a queen in a television interview. However, she wasn’t referring to the British monarchy she had married into; rather, she aspired to be the queen of people’s hearts.

Banksy also made some subtle alterations, including adding the statement “I promise to pay the bearer on demand the ultimate price” as a sharp comment on Princess Diana’s fate. On the back, underneath the portrait of Charles Darwin, Banksy has included the ominous statement “Trust No One.” Read more here.

Image Copyright GraffitiStreet

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Cinderella at Dismaland

Banksy‘s contribution to Dismaland, a temporary art project and the “bemusement park,” featured a striking tribute to Princess Diana within the castle. The artwork depicted Cinderella’s coach overturned with fallen horses, resembling the aftermath of a crash. The presence of paparazzi capturing the scene mirrors the media’s relentless pursuit of Princess Diana and the tragedy that ensued. Through this piece, Banksy skillfully draws parallels between the fictional narrative of Cinderella and the real-life struggles and tragedies experienced by Princess Diana, shedding light on the darker aspects of fame and public scrutiny. Read more here.

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Princess Diana’s legacy as the “People’s Princess” continues to inspire people worldwide with her genuine kindness and compassion. Banksy’s tributes to Princess Diana offer a poignant reflection of his commentary on celebrity culture, media intrusion, and societal values. Through thought-provoking artwork, Banksy skillfully draws attention to the impact of relentless media pursuit and the enduring fascination with Princess Diana and respects her as the Queen of people’s hearts.



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