Banksy’s Wall and Piece Book Dedicated to Brian Haw Sold at Auction

The recent sale of Banksy’s book, Wall and Piece, has attracted significant attention due to its historical significance and unique inscription. The book was originally bought for a paltry £3 from a charity shop in Eastbourne, East Sussex, and features a handwritten message dedicated to Brian Haw, a British peace campaigner and protester. The inscription inside the cover of the book reads,


Thanks for being the best inspiration in London


BANKSY! 2005″

Brian William Haw was a determined and unwavering British protester who passionately advocated for peace. From 2001, he resided in a makeshift peace camp situated in London’s Parliament Square, using it as a platform to voice his dissent against the foreign policies of the United Kingdom and the United States. He went on to become an influential and inspiring emblem of the anti-war movement, particularly in response to the actions of both nations in Afghanistan and Iraq. His symbolic protest quickly garnered global attention and support, with many joining the massive demonstration against the UK’s invasion of Iraq in 2003. Despite facing multiple legal challenges and repeated efforts to evict him from the Square, he remained steadfast in his peaceful protest until his demise from lung cancer in 2011.

Image copyright Banksy (Wall and Piece Book Image pg 194)

Banksy left “CND Soldiers” and “Petrol Head” placards in Haw’s peace camp, but unfortunately, they were taken by the police in 2006. Brian Haw repeatedly tried to retrieve them but to no avail.

Image copyright Eastbourne Auctions

Banksy’s handwritten message to Brian Haw, along with his name typed under ‘Additional words and Inspiration’ on page 206 in Wall and Piece, highlights the profound impact that the protester had on the artist and his work. This message reveals a deep connection between the two individuals and the power of their shared ideals of peace.

Jeannette May, who works at Eastbourne Auctions, notes that the book sale is a once-in-a-lifetime piece of social history. The book was Lot 882 and sold for £3,400 at auction.

When Haw passed away in 2011, Banksy paid him a heartfelt tribute on his website with a moving photo of Haw framed by delicate flowers and a halo with a hand-drawn angel-winged loudspeaker hovering above him. The tribute was beautiful and fitting to Brian Haw’s unwavering commitment to peace and his remarkable contribution to society.

Image copyright June 2011

If you’re curious to learn more about the lives and works of Brian Haw and Banksy, we invite you to visit our blog here, where you can find more fascinating insights about these two remarkable figures.

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