Berlin’s First Street Art Mural Festival, 2018

The “Berlin Mural Festival” has just wrapped it’s first ever street art festival! Surprisingly this is Berlin’s first mural festival despite being a mecca for urban art and culture over the years.

Local and international artists took over twenty-two walls in Berlin’s industrial landscape and turned the city into an open-air contemporary art museum.

Artists invited include, MTO, Millo, Herakut, Snik, Case Maclaim, Telmo Miel and James Bullough, One Truth, Natalia-Rak, Notes of Berlin, Mr Woodland, Kollabo Wand, Klebebande,  Onur, Wes21, Size two,  Nuno Viegas, Tasso, Isakov, Die Dixons, Insane 51, Elle, El Bocho, Ben Wagin, Arsek Erase and AKTEone.

Check out the murals below …

Photo Credit Berlin Mural Fest



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