Beyond the Sea: Millo’s New Mural in Monopoli, Italy

Monopoli, Italy, is now home to a stunning new mural that captures the essence of the sea in all its beauty. “Beyond the Sea” is the newest addition to the town’s impressive art scene.

Created for PhEST, a photography, cinema, and art festival, this mural is more than just a pretty picture. It aims to draw attention to the tropicalisation of the Mediterranean Sea, which is happening due to a combination of climate change, pollution, and other ecological stressors.

It’s typical of marine environments to change in relation to climatic fluctuations, but the combination of this change with other ecological stressors such as pollution, eutrophication, anoxia, fishing pressure, the acidification of the oceans let us think that the new species arriving in the seas are not the main problem but that there won’t be any species left at all in the future if we continue to ignore how strong is our impact on the ecosystem.

The mural is located in an ideal spot, between the old town, the bay, and the open sea. Millo has captured the essence of the sea and its changing nature with skill and precision. The mural reminds us of the fragility of the ecosystem and the need for us to act consciously towards our environment.

The tropicalisation of the Mediterranean is not a problem that is irreversible or apocalyptic. We can make a difference by being aware of our environmental impact and taking steps to reduce it. Millo’s mural is a beautiful reminder of this fact and a call to action for all of us to take responsibility for the world around us.

If you find yourself in Monopoli, Italy, stroll down to the bay and see “Beyond the Sea” for yourself. It is an imposing piece of art that will leave you in awe of the beauty of the sea and its power to inspire us to take action.



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