Biancoshock turns abandoned manholes into miniature rooms

Bucharest, the capital of Romania has an entire generation of children who have grown up in the tunnels of the sewer system. They sought refuge in the tunnels in 1989 during the Romanian revolution. The Communist regime was overthrown and Romanian orphanages were closed down releasing thousands of children onto the streets to defend for themselves. Many took refuge in the sewer tunnels because they were heated by steam pipes, it was this or they would die on the cold streets.

Today these children, now adults, still live in the tunnels and have been joined by many homeless children and adults seeking warmth and safety from the tunnels beneath the roads. These living tunnels has inspired street artist Biancoshock’s latest art installations “Borderlife’.

Italian artist Biancoshock recently decorated three abandoned manholes in the Italian cities of Lodi and Milan. The artist turned the manholes into miniature rooms of a suburban home, including a kitchen, a shower area and a lounge to raise awareness for the displaced/homeless people living in such locations like Bucharest, and other parts of the world e.g. Las Vegas, where they have had to resort to living in the sewers.

“If some problems can not be avoided, make them comfortable.
Intervention that, parodically, speaks about people forced to live in extreme conditions, even coming to live in manholes” Biancoshock

This is not the first time Biancoshock has addressed this situation. Three years ago in 2013 ago he created ‘Not funny, Here I live’ a manhole with a green doormat, a silver door handle and a pair of shoes outside representing someone’s front door of their home.

Biancoshock has certainly brought these shocking conditions to the surface with his new series ‘Borderlife’, and continues to make us all think twice and count our blessings…



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