BIGGER CHANGE MURALS Amplify Awareness of Social and Environmental Issues through Street Art, Houston 2022

Houston Bigger Change Murals is an unprecedented series of ten large murals curated by Street Art for Mankind and created by prominent international and local artists to amplify awareness of social and environmental issues in Houston and beyond. This series is made possible thanks to a partnership with Downtown Houston and Total Energies and the support of the City of Houston and Harris County.

The themes chosen for each mural are inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the diversity of the local community and the drive of local people and organizations who make a difference in Houston and around the world.

The muralists include artists from South Africa, Mexico, Australia, Portugal, Spain, and Germany. This project also presents the opportunity to lift two Houston artists, Emily Ding and Ana Marietta, onto an international stage. Collectively, the group will deliver a series of murals that raise awareness for the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations.

Featured artists include; Ana MariettaCarlos AlbertoCase MaclaimLula GoceSonny SundancerEmily DingVictor Ash, Bimbo, Belin and Ricky Lee Gordon.

The first finished mural painted was by Sonny. The 10,000 sqft mural, ‘Fight or Flight, ‘ was painted in downtown Houston and is a special tribute to the Aplomado Falcon. As apex predators, these already endangered birds are sadly at the top of the list regarding species most vulnerable to climate change. 

“I wanted to depict the bird (dis)appearing into reality as a way to show their resilience in the face of an uncertain future. I hope that the mural is a reminder of why we need to do what we can to help protect these birds and all natural habitats around the world.” SONNY

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The second finished mural is painted by Emily Ding and titled ‘Loving Houston’. The mural is a tribute to Houston’s unique outdoor quality of life, its lush greenery, its Buffalo Bayou and the numerous parks immediately accessible to millions of Houstonians. It supports the United Nations Sustainable development goal 15 on “life on land”, which invites us all to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems.

Carlos Alberto paints the third finished mural. It is titled “Hope of a greener future”. It is an ode to Houston’s flourishing ecosystems, reflecting the crucial role of Green Energies in creating a sustainable future in which technology works in harmony with nature. It supports the United Nations Sustainable development goal 7 on “affordable and clean energy”, which invites us to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy.

The fourth finished mural by Victor Ash is titled “Human Rights” and highlights Houston’s strong commitment to ensuring freedom, peace and social justice for all, as well as its constant efforts to fight human trafficking. It supports the United Nations Sustainable development goal 16, which encourages us to develop peaceful and inclusive societies, provide access to justice, and build effective and inclusive institutions. It also supports SDG 8.7, which asks us to take immediate and effective measures to eradicate forced labour, and end modern slavery and human trafficking.

The fifth mural is by Artist Lula Goce, who paints ‘The Shaman’ and is a tribute to women who, throughout history, have held in their power the knowledge of nature and its medicinal use.

“The Shaman” I’m honored to share with you my latest creation for @streetartmankind in Houston, Texas. Many thanks to @lalouvier, Mexican artist, for accepting to be the inspiration model. The Shaman is a tribute to all those women who throughout history have held in their power the knowledge of nature and its medicinal use. These healers and spirit guides who in many cultures and civilizations were important strongholds of their communities. And that somehow laid the foundations to reach what we know today as modern medicine and science.” Lula Goce instagram

The sixth mural by Case Maclaim, titled “King of Road”, is a powerful ode to social equity, breaking boundaries and accessing new opportunities for all. It supports the United Nations Sustainable development goal 10 on “Reduced Inequalities”. Goal 10 invites us to reduce income inequalities; promote universal social, economic and political inclusion; ensure equal opportunities and end discrimination, and adopt fiscal and social policies that promote equality.

The seventh mural is by Ana Marietta, titled “Sharing the World”, and is an ode to Houston’s international influence and its diversity. It is about the more than 145 languages spoken in the city and its people of multicultural backgrounds working together to build a stronger community. It supports the United Nations Sustainable development goal 17 on the need for strong cross-sector and cross-country collaboration and partnerships to achieve sustainable development for all. This mural uses Ana’s iconic characters to depict a world where people of different ethnicities unite and look together towards the future. 

The eighth mural is by the artist Artalife Bliz.“Legacy” is a reflection on the essential task before us in providing a sustainable planet for future generations. This mural, inspired by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations , represents our aspirations to improve the world we live in. Its purpose is to create a conversation on the necessary balance to all find to end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and protect our planet by enabling peace and prosperity.

Artist BELIN paints the ninth mural. “Quality Education for All” is a pledge to ensure that everybody in Houston and worldwide has access to quality education. It comes in support of the United Nations’s Sustainable Development Goal 4, also named “Quality Education”) led by UNESCO.

The tenth mural is by artist Ricky Lee Gordon.“THE OCEAN / OUR TEACHER / OUR HEALER / OUR LIFE” is a tribute to life below water and the importance of protecting our oceans. It supports both the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 14, and the UN Decade of Ocean Sciences led by UNESCO to reverse the decline in ocean health and catalyze transformative ocean science solutions for sustainable development, connecting people and our ocean.

Downtown Houston is tuning into an open-air museum. Take a self-led mural tour through a free app called “Behind the Wall,” which features interviews with the artists, descriptions of the murals and more. Download the app from your Google Play Store or Apple App Store.



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