Billboard Poster Art by Ben Eine and other artists help boost Morale during COVID-19, 2020

Running alongside their Community is Kindness project, the BUILDHOLLYWOOD family of JACKJACK ARTS and DIABOLICAL are spotlighting artists for their ongoing ‘Your Space Or Mine project’ which gives artists and creatives a platform on the street.

They have been working with a new series of artists to inspire the public in different ways, whether that’s through positive messaging or playful humour to help boost morale during these uncertain times. Their latest instalment of ‘Your Space Or Mine’ sees them collaborate with world-famous street artist Ben Eine on a national scale and with ten other inspiring artists in their local cities.

“These artists have diverse approaches, styles and perspectives. What they have in common is their goal of uniting and inspiring the community, not just during the crisis but every single day. We are excited to be collaborating with these extraordinary artists for our latest Your Space Or Mine project which we hope will bring some joy into peoples lives”- Khaly Nguyen, Head of Marketing (Jack, Jack Arts, Diabolical)

As well as Billboard space for ‘Your Space Or Mine’, Ben Eine, also returned to his authentic street art roots in East London to hand-paint a mural in Dalston. The work for the collaboration features two designs with different messages: “And another fine mess” and “I’m so happy, very very happy“.

“Both the sayings are a play on British humour and sarcasm. The British public will come out of this with more unity and with a clearer view of what is important.” EINE

The imposing and engaging words, in bright, bold type are set against a black background and are designed both to disrupt and inspire, forcing people to take notice. EINE chose these sayings, one of which is a reference to Laurel and Hardy, deliberately to connect with the British public.

Alongside Eine, the agency family have collaborated with ten other artists who have been asked to respond with inspiring posters in their local cities with messages of positivity and perseverance.

First, Yinka Ilori designed one poster space in Blackfriars London with the messaging “better days are coming, I promise” in support of the official charity of the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust: CW+ working in collaboration with

Other artists who are taking over their city streets with positive and uplifting messaging are Super Freak in Birmingham, Lois O’Hara in Brighton, Holy Moly in Bristol, #medicineonthewalls in Bristol, Suzanne Carpenter (Patternistas) in Cardiff, Martin Baillie in Edinburgh, Social Recluse in Glasgow, Micah Purnell in Manchester and Beth Woollvin in Sheffield.

Photo Cred Jack Arts



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