Bisser new street art mural ‘Arendschot’ in Aarschot, Belgium 2016

Street artist Bisser has been busy again this time in Aarschot. His mural is based on the local legend of the town.

Etymology (according to legend) was that The Roman army had conquered the Hageland (the Country of hedges) in the year 54 BC. Caesar was stood on the hill and his attention was caught by an Eagle in flight. Julius Caesar grabbed his bow and arrow and shot at the eagle. The eagle fell and Caesar’s nephew, Aurelianus, ran into the valley and found the dead eagle. Aurelianus praised him with his beautiful shot. Caesar, flattered by the words of his nephew, rewarded him by having constructed a fortress the “Aurelianustoren” and proudly he gave the place where he shot the eagle “Arendschot” (Eagle shot). Today we call this place Aarschot, in Belgium.

In keeping with the legend and the local area Bisser paints the very eagle, dead under the ground and someone else finding it.

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